Monday, 4 June 2012

Further exploration..

Following my previous tutorial, my mind was a little confused and puzzled as to how removing the stairs from the middle of the site would help the flow of pedestrians between Fletcher Gate and Bridlesmith Gate... Seems silly now looking back!

Having the model allowed me to quickly adjust the plan of the lower ground floor and work in physical form, exploring several different layouts.

1. Shop
2. Entrance to Gallery
3. Gallery/ Mixed-use space
4 (red path). New public footpath through site with open spaces
5. Reception

The plans..

Below is a layer of trace that was used to just perfect the plan. Layering drawings using either layout paper or trace is a technique i have used through out the project.

Below is the third and fourth floor which has stayed relatively the same through the past 2 developments.

The result, i think, is a gallery space that works a lot better.. whilst also enhancing the journey through the site. Still, this now needed developing and tweaking.. An important factor in the how the spaces are going to feel is the 2 existing walls that i had planned to retain. So after playing around with the plans some more i went up a scalee in the model and built a 1:100 model with existing walls and come surrounding context...

I think the next two images really show how well the design has come on. The effect the existing walls have on the intervention is just how i had imagined in my head.

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