Wednesday, 6 June 2012


As well as the research documented in previous posts that looked at how galleries and museums plan the spaces and the journeys through the building, I have also spent lots of time looking in to materials and ways of controlling the light be it natural or artificial within exhibition spaces.

Steven Holl has produced several building that I feel do this very well and inspiration can be taken from his work..

Virginia Institute for Contemporary Art

This buildinfeatures a series of flexible programming spaces for the presentation of visual art, theater, music, dance and film. It also encompasses a 240 seat performance space, outdoor plazas, a sculpture garden, classrooms, a cafĂ© and administrative offices. Obviously sharing similar spaces to what i intend to offer in my design..

Soft lighting is created through a frosted glazing, preventing the building from naturally heating up too much as well as providing an appropriate light for viewing artwork.

A mix of this and clear glazing, used to frame key views, has been adopted in his 'Museum of Ocean and Surf'.

I am certain that i want to adopt this sort of language, especially in the visable areas on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building. As mentioned galleries need, if possible to avoid direct sunlight but if the view is there is needs to be captured.

The restoration of the Palais Des Gouverneurs Museum by Daniel Cleris & Jean-Michel Daubourg is an example of how a contemporary addition to an old existing building can work really nice. 

This really uses the existing fabric of the building to enhance the spaces, especially when met with the bright white of the addition. This final image with the balcony looking into the double height space is something i have tried to create, and not lose, throughout each of my development stages..

Lastly i just wanted to post a few images of one of my favourite buuldings in london, Tate Modern. Again the way the architects, Herzog and de Meuron, paid attention to the old details whilst creating a world class gallery is something i admire. 

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