Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Site : Picked!

Soo, I have chosen i site! I went for Site 6 shown in the previous post. Bridlesmith Walk, Nottingham is currently home to a public footpath and a small arcade of 8 shops, two of which front the busy Bridlesmith Gate high street, a boarded up pub and a small cafe.

Of the 8 shops currently just three are occupied, that is the two that face the high street and then a beauty salon further up the walk. For the purposes of this project the two shops at the front will remain however it will be deemed that the rest of the shops are free and ready for regeneration. This decision has been made by myself along with my tutors so that the area can be re-branded as a whole, increasing the scope of the project and the potential of the space.

It was also decided that in order to get the footfall required through the site it may be necessary to include some permanent fixtures to the design as well as the original temporary 'pop-up' idea.

Below are plans and sections of the site generated from various sources including site visits and the planning portal...

Now i could see the spaces in plan and the site had been visited several times i began brainstorming what occupation might best suit the site...

Further research in to the site actually showed that over the past 15 years it had been redeveloped on 3 occasions, and always with an 'A1' use class. This prompted a widening of the thought process and an exploration in to a more substantial, permanent but still adaptable redevelopment.

More research and brainstorming needed at this stage!! Time is getting tight!!

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