Saturday, 9 June 2012

Development One

Following discussions regarding my massing studies shown in the previous post i began developing a scheme, i worked at first in plan and section before modelling in Sketch Up and then rendering the whole thing in white using Kerkythea. This allowed me to gain a bit more of an idea for how the spaces might feel..

I was working at 1:500 scale which later turned out to perhaps be a bit small, but it still gave me an idea spatially of how the things might be organised... Click the images to enlarge...

And the renders ...

Looking from the courtyard down the walk towards the Bridlesmith Gate entrance

 Showing the staircase to the left and the gallery spaces to the right

A view through glass from the bridge linking the top floors

Inside the cafeteria

A view back in to the shop from the halfway point on the ramp

The design had mixed feedback, it offered solutions to nearly all the problems posed originally but lacked coherence, circulation was messy and my tutors generally felt that it could be pushed a lot further. I was happy with this, i had produced this design purely as a starting point, a platfrom to build from. My mind is all over the place now though, a million different ideas running through it.. I hope to have a new scheme ready for the next tutorial in two days..

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