Saturday, 16 June 2012

MA/MSc Degree Show Catalogue

Arriving way sooner than expected was the request for an image and a small amount of text to be published in the Nottingham Trent MA/ MSc Degree Show catalogue. Being in the early stages of the project it was decided that the image produced would be representational of what my project was going to be based on whilst not giving too much away, inviting the reader to want to see more.

Without having a site at this stage i actually decided to use two images to show the extents at which this method of architecture may exist.

Below is the image and text submitted...

Joe Williams
MSc Architectural technology and Design

An occupation of negative space
This project sets out explore and develop an experience-driven design approach for the manipulation of space. Questioning our relationship with the spaces we use and inhabit it challenges design as a medium to incite new or different ways of interaction with the current state of our environment.

Technology driven, the project investigates and tests CAD/CAM processes as a means of generating temporary structure that is affordable, recyclable and adaptable. Its intention is to use open source technology to develop and refine architectural interventions.

Image: Negative ground space within a figured plan
By: Joe Williams

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