Monday, 18 June 2012

Welcome Everybody!

So the Final Study Project is supposed to be the culmination of all our skills developed through out our time on the MSc.

We started the project officially at the beginning of May and should be bringing it to a close for the 12th July and the Free Range show @ The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.

We will be exhibiting there between 12/07 and 16/07 before returning to Nottingham Trent University for an MA/MSc Degree show running from 16/07 until 20/7.

The brief of the project is entirely up to us, though it should be generated through an interest in a particular technology or area of study discovered in the past 8 months. The project should also look to tackle a current issue through innovative thinking, thorough research and appropriate technologies ... going beyond the ordinary.

I shall be documenting as much as i can in a sort of running commentary fashion (albeit with a slightly delayed start) So keep your eyes peeled for regular updates. 

Oh and just quickly... ignore the dates listed on each post, unfortunately i have had to alter these in order to get the posts in the right order!! I feel it reads best as a story if the oldest post os at the top. I cant seem to find a logical way of doing this though via the blog! If you have any quieries regarding dates please just let me know.

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