Friday, 8 June 2012

Development Two

After a very busy and very stressed couple of days I managed to rationalise the circulation and create a better flow through the entire site. I took some more drastic measures by moving the existing 20 steps further west along the footpath allowing for a usable space underneath them.

Meetings with my tutors also helped me question other areas of the site and resulted in the demolition of the existing pub which is currently boarded up. In the previous design this was going to become the entrance/reception area, in the new design is it removed and becomes a set of steps down into a double height reception and shop.

And some renders..

View into the reception, made possible through moving the stairs..

View back in to the reception from the classroom/studio..

Looking down the alleyway from where the stairs used to be..

Exiting the lift on the second floor..

In the gallery space..

On the top floor upon leaving the lift..

View from bridge linking the two galleries..

Seeing the design in 3D really helped point out the areas of this that required changing and i could see these before i even met with my tutors. In plan the spaces seemed to work out however in reality the scale of some areas that were essentially 'dead' space were far too great. The central staircase could be halved and still have the effect i was looking to achieve.

My tutors also commented on the attention i had being paying the 'admin' room. Its placement in this design could be prime retail, advertising or gallery space, and that in reality it needs to be tucked out the way, it really isnt that important, certainly not at this stage. They were also a little puzzled as to why the shop was within a double height space, questioning acoustics and the use of space above, really, 6 ft.

So lots taken on board once again! Althoug hthe CAD model does help visualise the space we decided that from now on in order to truly feel the space a card model would be produced...

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