Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Development Four

Having reworked the existing volumes in to a layout that made a million times more sense i sketched up some rough plans. The tutors were very happy with how things were looking and gave me the go ahead to keep progressing the idea, first task was to build a model and then draw up the plans in autocad with wall thickness' etc..

The sketch plans..

And drawn up...

And the model...

Making a model helped enormously with this stage and its development. Something that i really dont think i could have pushed as far if i was still working in sketchup. Removing walls, adding walls, adjusting layouts can be done so easily and you can really get a feel for the spaces.

The building itself..

Lower ground floor >
 Ground floor >
 First floor >
 Second floor >

The model lacked any context however, so the entrance tunnel to the west was constructed, as too was the courtyard to the east and the building that runs along the south of the site. The two existing walls (minus windows being cut out) were also stuck in just to see what impact they might have... In the first image existing is shown in red...

Once again the model taught me an aweful lot about the design, aspects that work and others that dont.. One of the tutors suggested perhaps taking the stairs out that currently run through the middle of the site and just using the one set that i have installed in place of the pub. The joys of working with a model means this exploration can become a really quick process, and so the project continues.. 

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