Sunday, 17 June 2012

To kick things off i looked over all my projects done to date, went through sketch books and generally read over lecture notes and any other material i still had. 

I had in my mind that my project was likely to be based, in some manner, around adaptability, but through reading all my notes i was able to pin point a couple of key areas of interest.

I was also set on steering clear of anything residential based, i've got previous experience in this, 2 or 3 of my projects covered it and i was keen to explore new areas of architecture.

As my research progressed i began to notice a small gathering of information and precedents using cad/cam processes to produce temporary structures and installations. Having a keen interest in joinery and having previously worked in carpentry i decided to explore this route further...

Turns out 2012 could be a pretty good year for temporary.. not even touching on the poor economy... there are events such as the Queens Jubilee, Poland and Ukraine Euro 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics. All these events will in someway bring lots of people together which got me thinking.

Research then led me down the route of temporary stadia, cinema, and performing arts. The idea was that using cad/cam processes the same file could be sent worldwide allowing for a temporary structure to be erected using sustainable, recyclable materials.

But where? Where in, say... Nottingham, might this work? somewhere public, somewhere central, but would it be in door? out door? would this vary depending on the climate on a larger scale? how many people might it hold? could this be increased easily for bigger events? An interesting project was evolving in just a short period of time...

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