Monday, 11 June 2012

Scheme Development

So this week i presented a few ideas to my tutors of what might work within the site. The scheme has to retain the public footpath, its current status as a connecting space is a reason why i picked the site in the first place.

On top of this it was also important to me that i was respectful to the history of the site, two of the buildings are grade 2 listed. Research was then geared towards precedents that i felt worked with old and new really well..

Again this is just a small selection of my research in to this area.

Around the UK, and as already discussed in particular Nottingham, economic difficulties are causing shops to close at alarming rates, resulting in the 'Domino Effect' and an increase in unemployment, ultimately reducing the amount of visitors to the city centre. However, this has lead to the exploration of other methods to revive the city, boosting moral and bringing together a community when times are hard.

Many towns have looked to culture as a tool of regeneration in the past and will continue to do this in the future. Bilbao's Guggenheim has been recognised at a global level for its effect on the cities regeneration. At the other end of the scale but with equally substantial effects an article in journal no. 217 'Architecutre Today' on David Chipperfield's art gallery in Margate states

"Art galleries are the perfect weapon, social attractors for the kinds of people who might help lift the fortunes of a town like Margate." 

Designing a gallery for my final project is a million miles away from where i thought i would be when i first started this course 9 months ago. However, it should offer me a platform to really show my understanding of design and space to solve complex issues, allowing me to develop an environment that works within a site that has continuously failed in the past. Adaptability will still be important too giving me the opportunity to continue pushing existing ideas further.

Discussions with my tutors lead to this rough list of spaces required on the part of the gallery...

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